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Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Law Offices
Edward J. Chandler, P.A.

A professional Association 
Attorney & Counselor At Law
708 East Atlantic Boulevard    Telephone:  (954) 788-1355
Pompano Beach, Fl 33060    Facsimile:  (954) 788-1357
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"Serving Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County"

Attorney Edward J. Chandler has successfully represented numerous clients in criminal cases throughout Broward, Dade and Palm beach Counties in the State of Florida.  Edward J. Chandler  prides himself on aggressive representation with a personal touch.

In addition to personally handling your case, Edward J. Chandler, Esq. will be available to you during every step of the process. Edward J. Chandler guarantees that you and your case will receive his undivided attention.

Call the Law Offices of Edward J. Chandler, P.A.  at (954) 788-1355  - Your phone consultation is free and completely confidential.   

Legal Resources

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • Broward County Bar Association

  • American Bar Association

  • As a service to our current and prospective clients, we provide a guide to the most frequently-visited URL addresses.

    Please take a moment to browse, and you’ll appreciate both its breadth and value. In a larger view, the guide is a mark of our overall commitment to delivering the kind of tools and resources our clients need. Even if it goes beyond the realm of traditional legal advice.
    As a client, you can expect no less. 

    Business and Finance
    News and Media
    Search Engines

    1. Library of Congress
    2. Legislative Branch
    3. Executive Branch
      1. Office of the President
      2. Council of Economic Advisers
      3. Council on Environmental Quality
      4. National Performance Review
      5. National Security Council (NSC) 
      6. Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
      7. Office of the First Lady
      8. Office of National Drug Policy
    4. United States Trade Representative (USTR)
    Executive Agencies
    1. Department of Agriculture
    2. Department of Commerce
    3. Department of Defense
    4. Department of Education
    5. Department of Health and Human Services
    6. Department of Housing and Urban Development
    7. Department of the Interior
    8. Department of Justice
    9. Department of Labor
    10. Department of State
    11. Department of Transportation
    12. Department of the Treasury
    13. Department of Veterans Affairs
    Independent Agencies
    1. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    2. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
    3. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
    4. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    5. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    6. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    7. Federal Election Commission (FEC)
    8. Federal Emergency Management Agency
    9. Federal Reserve System
    10. Federal Trade Commission
    11. National Archives and Records Administration
    12. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
    13. National Transportation Safety Board
    14. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
    15. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    16. Office of Special Counsel (OSC)
    17. Peace Corps
    18. Securities and Exchange Commission
    19. Small Business Administration (SBA)
    20. Social Security Administration (SSA)
    21. US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDC)
    22. United Postal Service
    23. Judicial Branch
    24. Supreme Court
    Federal Circuit Courts
    1st Circuit
    1. Maine Bankruptcy
    2. Maine District Court
    3. Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court
    4. Puerto Rico District Court
    5. Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court
    2nd Circuit
    1. New York Eastern District Court
    2. New York Northern Bankruptcy Court
    3. New York Southern Bankruptcy Court
    4. New York Southern District Court
    5. Vermont Bankruptcy Court
    3rd Circuit
    1. Pennsylvania Eastern Bankruptcy Court
    2. Pennsylvania Eastern District Court
    4th Circuit
    1. Maryland District Court
    2. North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy Court
    3. North Carolina Middle Bankruptcy Court
    4. North Carolina Middle District Court
    5. North Carolina Western Bankruptcy Court
    6. Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court
    7. Virginia Western Bankruptcy Court
    5th Circuit
    1. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
    2. Louisiana Eastern Bankruptcy Court
    3. Louisiana Middle District Court
    4. Louisiana Western Bankruptcy Court
    5. Mississippi Northern District Court
    6. Mississippi Southern District Court
    7. Texas Eastern District Court
    8. Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court
    9. Texas Northern District Court
    10. Texas Southern District/Bankruptcy Courts
    11. Texas Western Bankruptcy Court
    12. Texas Western District Court
    6th Circuit
    1. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
    2. Kentucky Eastern Bankruptcy Court
    3. Kentucky Western District Court
    4. Ohio Northern Bankruptcy Court
    5. Ohio Northern District Court
    6. Michigan Western Bankruptcy/District Ct
    7. Tennessee Middle Bankruptcy Court
    8. Tennessee Western Bankruptcy Court
    7th Circuit
    1. Court of Appeals
    2. Illinois Central District Court
    3. Illinois Northern Bankruptcy Court
    4. Illinois Northern District Court
    5. Illinois Southern Bankruptcy Court
    6. Illinois Southern District Court
    7. Indiana Northern Bankruptcy Court
    8. Indiana Northern District Court
    9. Indiana Southern Bankruptcy Court
    10. Indiana Southern District Court
    11. Wisconsin Western District Court
    8th Circuit
    1. Arkansas Eastern District Court
    2. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
    3. Iowa Northern Bankruptcy Court
    4. Iowa Northern District Court
    5. Iowa Southern District Court
    6. Minnesota Bankruptcy Court
    7. Missouri Eastern Bankruptcy Court
    8. Missouri Eastern District Court
    9. Nebraska District Court
    10. North Dakota Bankruptcy Court
    11. South Dakota Bankruptcy Court
    12. South Dakota District Court
    9th Circuit
    1. Arizona Bankruptcy Court
    2. California Central Bankruptcy Court
    3. California Central District Court
    4. California Eastern Bankruptcy Court
    5. California Eastern District Court
    6. California Eastern Probation Office
    7. California Northern Bankruptcy Court
    8. California Northern District Court
    9. California Southern Bankruptcy Court
    10. Idaho Bankruptcy/District Court
    11. Nevada Bankruptcy Court
    12. Office of the Circuit Executive
    13. Oregon District Court
    14. Washington Eastern District Court
    15. Washington Eastern Bankruptcy Court
    16. Washington Western Bankruptcy Court
    17. Washington Western District Court

    10th Circuit 

    1. Colorado Bankruptcy Court
    2. New Mexico Bankruptcy Court
    3. New Mexico District Court
    4. New Mexico Pretrial Services
    5. New Mexico Probation Office
    6. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals
    7. Utah Bankruptcy Court
    8. Utah District Court
    9. Wyoming District Court
    10. Wyoming Bankruptcy Court
    11th Circuit
    1. Alabama Northern District Court
    2. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
    3. Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court
    4. Georgia Middle Bankruptcy Court
    5. Georgia Middle District Court
    6. Georgia Northern Bankruptcy Court
    7. Georgia Northern District Court
    DC Circuit
    1. DC Circuit Court of Appeals
    2. DC District Court
    Federal Circuit
    1. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
    Individual States
    1. Alabama
    2. Alaska
    3. Arizona
    4. Arkansas
    5. California
    6. Colorado
    7. Connecticut
    8. Delaware
    9. District of Columbia
    10. Florida
    11. Georgia
    12. Hawaii
    13. Idaho
    14. Illinois
    15. Indiana
    16. Kansas
    17. Kentucky
    18. Louisiana
    19. Maine
    20. Massachusetts
    21. Maryland
    22. Michigan
    23. Minnesota
    24. Mississippi
    25. Missouri
    26. Montana
    27. Nebraska
    28. Nevada
    29. New Hampshire
    30. New Jersey
    31. New Mexico
    32. New York
    33. North Carolina
    34. North Dakota
    35. Ohio
    36. Oklahoma
    37. Oregon
    38. Pennsylvania
    39. Rhode Island
    40. South Carolina
    41. South Dakota
    42. Tennessee
    43. Texas
    44. Utah
    45. Vermont
    46. Virginia
    47. Washington
    48. West Virginia
    49. Wisconsin
    50. Wyoming
    1. Better Business Bureau
    2. Companies Online
    3. Thomas Register of American Companies
    4. Research Magazine: Featured Companies
    5. EDGAR—SEC Documents
    6. Hoover’s
    7. Reuters
    8. Bloomberg’s
    9. NASDAQ
    10. Barron’s
    11. Wall Street Journal
    12. Entrepreneur Magazine
    13. Inc. Magazine
    14. Fortune Magazine
    15. Forbes
    16. Financial Times
    17. American Stock Exchange
    18. New York Stock Exchange
    19. Dow Jones
    20. Standard & Poor’s
    21. Stock Quotes
    22. Stockmaster Stock Charts
    23. Initial Public Offerings
    24. US Chamber of Commerce
    25. Intl Chamber of Commerce

    1. Newslink
    2. Newspapers Online
    3. PR Newswire
    4. TotalNEWS
    5. Boston Globe
    6. New York Times
    7. Los Angeles Times
    8. Dallas Morning News
    9. San Francisco Examiner
    10. Chicago Sun Times
    11. Washington Post
    12. Rocky Mountain News
    13. USA Today
    14. Times of London
    15. China Daily News
    16. Die Welt (German)
    17. Liberation (French)
    18. l’Unita (Italy)
    19. Canadian Star
    20. Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
    21. Pravda (Russia)
    22. Blick (Switzerland)
    23. International Herald Tribune
    24. Time Magazine
    25. US News and World Report
    26. New Yorker
    27. Wall Street Journal
    28. ABC
    29. CBS
    30. NBC
    31. CNN
    32. FOX
    33. BBC
    34. National Public Radio
    35. Reuter’s News Service
    1. FindLaw Directory
    2. West Group
    3. American Bar Association
    4. Association of Trial Lawyers of America
    5. American Corporate Counsel Association
    6. Commercial Law Affiliates
    7. Legal Marketing Association
    8. Center for Professional Resources
    9. American Arbitration Association
    10. State Bar Associations
    11. Law Library Resource Exchange
    12. The Internet Legal Resources Guide
    13. Legal Research Center
    15. Virtual Law Library
    16. Cornell Legal Information Site
    17. Washburn University Legal Information Site
    1. Yahoo!
    2. Snap
    3. Alta Vista
    4. HotBot
    5. Webcrawler
    6. Metacrawler
    7. InfoSeek
    8. Lycos
    9. LookSmart
    10. 1 Hieros Gamos
    11. The Mining Company
    12. Research-it!
    13. The Internet Sleuth
    1. National Weather Service
    2. Books
    3. Barnes and Noble
    4. MapQuest
    5. BigBook (Directory)
    6. AT&T 1-800 Directory
    7. WorldPages (Directory)
    8. Switchboard (Directory)
    9. Boy Scouts of America
    10. Consumer Reports
    11. Museums Online
    12. Fodor’s Travel
    13. Expedia (Travel)
    14. The Hotel Guide
    15. USA CityLink
    16. Entertainment Weekly
    17. Movie DataBase
    18. National Geographic
    19. Smithsonian Institute
    20. Museums Online
    21. Currency Converter
    22. Ticketmaster
    23. Year 2000
    24. Kelley Blue Book
    Florida Government
    Federal Courts
    American Bar Association

    Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

    Association for Conflict Resolution

    Columbia Laboratory Services
    Department of Children & Families

    Department of Corrections

    Department of Juvenile Justice

    Department of Management Services

    Executive Office of the Governor

    Florida Attorney General

    Florida Bar

    Florida Corrections Commission

    Florida Department of Law Enforcement

    Florida Department of Revenue - Child Support Enforcement Program

    Florida Supreme Court

    Full Court Press

    Genetic DNA Laboratories, Inc.

    Guardian Ad Litem

    Judicial Online Superhighway User Access System (JOSHUA)

    Lake County Clerk of Courts

    Lake County Sheriff's Office

    Marion County Clerk of Courts

    Marion County Sheriff's Office

    National Association of Drug Court Professionals

    National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

    National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association

    Office of Disability Employment Policy

    U.S. Department of Justice - Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA Home Page

    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Titles I and V

    American Bar Association
    Florida Coastal School of Law State Attorney's Office- 4th Circuit Stetson University College of Law
    Florida State University College of Law The Internet Lawyer Internet Law Wire
    Public Defender

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